Sunday, January 13, 2013

Cold Storage Tour.

Vista Bella Farm: Cold Storage Tour

Hey everyone, we got a really nice reception from the apple challenge and we're still thinking about what type of experiment to run next. We will likely be taking pictures of all varieties possible from start to finish next year with a brief description of the 47+ varieties we grow. If you have any suggestions for apple related topics you'd like discussed feel free to comment/write us!

Today we're posting a video from our cold storage back in early October. At this time we had many varieties which have now sold out i.e. Honeycrisp and Cortland. Walking into the cold storage is a sensory experience in itself there are  the many colours, the textural complexity of different varieties and the blindingly decadent smell of all the varieties mixing together. Walking into the storage is a big hit with most of people who stop by for apples, we've been told many times that if we could bottle the smell of this room we'd be millionaires! Natural perfumes unfortunately cannot be conveyed via a blog so if you'd like to experience it for yourself, stop by for a visit!
These days we're spending most of our time lately preparing for the next growing season and trying to find any efficiencies we can to make the farm a little easier to handle. We certainly were tired this fall, but the season has treated us well and we both are now dreaming of the summer that flew by!

Take care for now, and enjoy the view from the storage!


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